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Erin Davis

Prince Edward County, Ontario

Areas of Experience

  • HBSc. BEd. OCT.

  • Honours Specialist: Contemporary Studies, Indigenous Studies

  • Reflexologist: Ontario College of Reflexology Certified

  • 500 YTT, 200 RYS Yoga Teacher Training

  • Core-Vinyasa Yoga Training

  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training

  • Science of Breathing - Breath Coach Training

  • Science of Stretching - Flexibility CoachTraining

  • Mindfulness Teacher Certification

  • Functional Breathwork Guidance 

  • Nervous System Regulation

  • Fascia Release and Flexibility

  • Postural Alignment in Yoga Asanas


Classroom Educator

Workshop Leader & Facilitator

​Studio Owner and Instructor

Secondary School Teacher

Over 15 years of classroom experience as a secondary school teacher. From creation and delivery of lesson plans to guiding and supporting learning, my goal as a teacher has always been to deliver content in a meaningful, creative, and thoughtful way to engage learners.

Corporate Wellness Workshops

As the owner of Realign.ed Wellness, I deliver practical wellness workshops that focus on breathing, self-reflexology, and mindfulness in a practical everyday manner by demystifying these practices to help participants equip themselves with affective and practical strategies and practcies that can be self-accessed to reduce stress daily.

Studio Owner

As the owner Satori Studios, I delivered yoga classes and special event workshops for over a decade.  I employed many styles in my classes from Iyengar, Core-Strength Vinyassa, Resorative, Flow and Hatha as well as special workshops on Asana Alignment and Meditation. I also practiced Reflexology with private clients as well as leading group sessions promoting self-reflexology.


I am Erin, a wellness educator, multipreneur, breast cancer survivor, and mom of two young daughters with almost two decades of experience in the wellness Industry. I combine my experience and skills in education with a variety of  wellness modalities to deliver thoughtful, clear, and engaging workshops to help you bring calm and wellbeing into your life.


I have over fifteen years of experience as a secondary school teacher and over a decade of owning and operating a yoga and reflexology studio.   Growing up in Prince Edward County on the same land that multiple generations of my family have lived on is something that I have always felt deeply connected to. As the result of a relocation for my husband's career, we moved away for a short period of time.  Closing the doors to my studio and leaving teaching was a change that brought so many new opportunities to me, but left a space in my heart. 


Professionally,  I shifted my focus to growing a health and wellness business online. I love how technology has allowed me to continue to teach and coach others, but am extremely excited to return to in-person connection.  Additionally,  I am so happy and thankful  to have returned home to The County and am excited to host events in a place that I love so deeply. 

As someone who has felt the impact of stress and has healed through a difficult cancer treatment and recovery process, I enjoy helping people who are feeling stressed and disconnected from themselves develop their own skills and personal ability to ReAlign and reconnect back to themselves.  My offerings demystify practices such as yoga, reflexology and breathwork with simple, practical and effective practices that are self-accessible so that you can support your own wellness on a daily basis.

I am excited and thankful to be collaborating with Leeanne to share our love of our home communities and our common values in respect to wellness with you.  I look forward to meeting you at one of our retreats  to provide you with memorable experiences in our favourite places on earth and to help you rest and restore...from shore to shore!

~ Erin 

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