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Our Story

Welcome to Prince Edward Retreats, a wellness venture founded by Erin Davis and Leeanne Yeo - two wellness leaders who share a deep passion for holistic wellbeing. They first met by chance on a beach during a vacation and quickly realized that they were both yoga instructors and shared a vision of bringing wellness and calm to people's lives.

Their friendship grew over the years and, as they collaborated on various business projects, they always talked about their dream of hosting wellness retreats in their respective home communities, which share similar landscapes, vibes, and names. After a decade of dreaming and planning, Leeanne and Erin decided to make their vision a reality by creating Prince Edward Retreats. The name is inspired by the places they call home, Prince Edward Island and Prince Edward County, Ontario, which are geographically distant but share many similarities.

With a wide range of education and certifications they bring a unique blend of expertise and experience to their retreats, each with their own approach to wellness.

With Prince Edward Retreats, guests can expect to enjoy a serene environment, incredible food, daily yoga and movement classes, breathwork, reflexology, meditation, and a variety of activities designed to promote relaxation and restoration. Leeanne and Erin believe that true wellness goes beyond physical exercise and involves a holistic approach to mind and body.

They strive to create a warm and welcoming environment where guests can disconnect from the stresses of daily life, reconnect with themselves, and enjoy the company of others. Helping others achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle is reflected in every aspect of their retreats.

Join Leeanne and Erin and allow Prince Edward Retreats to help you rest and restore from shore to shore.

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Meet Leeanne

Representing "The Island" of Prince Edward, Leeanne Yeo is a Registered Dietitian, yoga instructor and nature enthusiast who brings a holistic perspective to health and well being, considering the whole person and all aspects of life.  With a background in health promotion, clinical nutrition and adult education, Leeanne is equipped to address the diverse needs of individuals as they pursue their health goals.

Meet Erin

Representing "The County" of Prince Edward, Erin brings a wealth of experience and variety to our Retreats.  Erin combines her background in Education with over fifteen years as a Secondary School Teacher and over a decade of experience leading and practicing yoga, reflexology, meditation and breathwork to deliver engaging and educational workshops in a variety of modalities. Expect to leave her workshops with practical skills and tools to implement in your daily life.

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